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Tours and Fun

A symphony of activities

Al Paradiso offers a symphony of activities, including walkings, bicycle rides, cultural tours or you can just enjoy the local nature. Visit castles, Villas, gardens and other beautiful places definitely worth seeing. You can explore the region by bicycle from Al Paradiso along the Livenza river, towards many paths. You may also rent bikes from us. More info

The surroundings: wine tours

Meduna di Livenza is one of the most characteristic towns in the Livenza region, founded by the patriarchs of Aquileia and then passed to the Serenissima Republic. In San Stino di Livenza and Caomaggiore you can admire churches and ancient frescoes (see: Art in religious buildings).
In Annone Veneto you can visit the Paladin wine cellar: a sommelier will offer you an interesting wine tasting of our famous Prosecco, accompanied by great food. Pramaggiore, home of the Enoteca Regionale del Veneto, and Lison share the honor of naming the Doc wines produced in the area. Please ask us while booking your room in order to organize on time your tour with our cellars of confidence, accompanied by us or by your own.
Along this road you reach the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, passing through Sesto al Reghena, where there is a famous abbey with frescoes made by Giotto. You may then reach Pravisdomini and end up your trip with the Renaissance frescoes of Chions or just reach Caorle, our fishing port

Special Events and Cooking courses

We organize theme nights (oily fish, saffron, cheese, radicchio from Treviso, Mediterranean cuisine, chili, cicchetti) and cooking courses, of the traditional italian kitchen, for groups or for our guests. You may also ask a personalized course. Our fabulous Cook has all the knowledge to teach you how to prepare the most delicious italian dishes. Our courses take place on the first half of the week: a full gastronomic experiences with good wine and fun atmosphere. Book your course with us: just send us an email asking about our offers and dates. Important remark: our courses can be taught in several languages, depending on staff availability